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This tool has been developed for all ordinal lovers. You can inscribe your own custom image/text on particle animation style or you can also inscribe already designed art of Top ordinal projects on particle animation style. Please note you do not need to connect the wallet to our site. Happy inscribing :)

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  • aKIDcalledBTC

     Frequently asked Questions:

  • Click on any of the three buttons shown above according to your requirement
  • Select the available options to apply different style and effects
  • Change the fee rate or keep the default. Note you can increase the miner fee for faster inscription
  • You can select more than 1 Qty to inscribe multiple copies in same Tx. Best for community airdrops.
  • Enter the BTC ordinal address on which you want to receive inscription
  • Click Submit and Pay button
  • You will get the details of BTC payment address and amount to pay
  • Send the exact amount on the payment address
  • Inscription will be delivered to the receive address as soon Tx is confirmed
  • You can copy the order ID for checking order status
  • We are using ordinalsbot API. You can check the order status any time directly from ordinalsbot website:
  • We are using ordinalsbot inscription service

    You can check the order status any time directly from ordinalsbot website:

    It depends on the selected quality, size of the image and depending on the network congestion and fee rate. Cost of inscription includes Inscription Sats, network fee, inscription fee and creator fee.

    This is an experimental project providing utility to top communities and holders to inscribe their favorite art with cool effects. The real idea behind aKIDcalledBTC is to launch its own artwork on BTC in near future. STAY TUNED!